Slipmat Discogs Search API

Search artist metadata from the Discogs API.

Usage:GET /?query=<artist_name>
(With header: API-KEY=<my_api_key>)

Returns: JSON array that looks like this:

    "id": 2449427,
    "name": "Pomplamoose",
    "profile": "Not only do Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn make great, authentic music (with real   instruments) and craft insanely perfect pop songs, but they play—with enormous success—by their own   rules. [..]",
    "url": "",
    "photo": "[..].jpg"

If the search matches exactly, returns only the first item (like above). Otherwise returns 5 first items.

Version 0.2.0. Changelog. Interactive docs are available. Labs project

Made for the DJ community with ❤️ by @Uninen